This site, on the newly claimed domain robbertvanhulzen.com, will be updated and completed over the next few months. For more &/ older information, visit rvh.amsterdam (while it lasts).

Using drums and electronics, Robbert van Hulzen expresses his fascination with the worlds between what’s often called sound and music, pitch and noise, harmony and cacophony, as well as improvisation and composition. He likes creating music for dance, theatre, and film, and plays and played with various bands and projects including the Dyane Donck Company, Nicole Beutler Projects, the Meral Polat Trio, dance company LeineRoebana, Schweigman&, Nitin Sawhney, and Merlijn Twaalhoven.
He performed in many countries, at venues from the Royal Albert Hall to Iranian underground art galleries, from Indian weddings to the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum.